Tear. Eat. Go.™

You are busy…

Running errands. Making meetings. Attending practices. Bending backwards. And then there’s yoga class. Wait, when was lunch?

Eating on-the-go just got way better. Discover delicious varieties of ready-to-eat tuna and salmon pouches—all with 13g or more of lean protein and no draining required. Just grab a fork and eat right out of the pouch.

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Tear. Eat. Go.

…so is Candace.

Candace Cameron Bure is an expert at balancing a busy career, family, exercise and so much more. Now she’s teaming up with StarKist® to help you be at your best too. Because you’re not just hungry for a snack, you’re hungry for life.

Think Inside the Pouch Webisodes

Think Inside The Pouch

#PoweredByStarKist presents “Think Inside The Pouch” with Candace Cameron Bure. Hear her take on ways to get creative with pouches.

Fitting in Fitness

#PoweredByStarKist presents “Fitting In Fitness” with Candace Cameron Bure. Hear why she chooses “perseverance” as the one word to describe all her goals.

Find Your Flavor

Add more flavor to your next meal with ready-to-eat StarKist Tuna and Salmon Creations® Pouches. Try all our delicious classic seasonings or spice things up with NEW Tuna Creations® BOLD. All with at least 13 grams of protein*. No draining required.

*Refer to pouch for complete nutritional information.