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Have you ever wondered what the best source of Vitamin E is, or what foods can help you reach your weight loss goals? Or maybe it’s a question about the best way to prepare a certain food or pump up the nutrition of one of your favorite recipes to fuel your busy day. Send an email to and we’ll dive in and surface with your answer!

What’s up with the Nutrition Facts Label?

What’s up with the Nutrition Facts Label?

I noticed all the nutritional information on my favorite tuna can has completely changed! Why are there more calories than there used to be? What is going on?

It’s true, you are starting to see some major changes to how the nutrition information on your food labels appear, but the tuna cans […]

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Dinner Done Right

These tips and tricks will get you excited to cook (and eat) with your little ones.

  • Have your child help in the kitchen. There is no better way to get your child interested in food then letting them help you in the kitchen. Even toddlers can have small tasks they can do to help get dinner on the table […]
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After School Snack Time

Little tummies sometimes can’t fit all the nutrients they need in three meals. These healthy snacks can help make up for what they are missing.

  • Make your own trail mix or granola and add a small bag for a quick snack between school and homework. Make a batch on Sunday, pack it in an airtight jar and it will […]
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Flip Lunchtime on Its Head

Get creative with your little one’s lunchbox. Follow these tips and they’ll never be bored again.

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Keep your kids healthy (and happy)

Find fun games and activities and get your kid excited about eating healthy.

  • Print off fun activity sheets and games to teach your child about nutrition – My Plate has fun crossword puzzles, word searches and mazes that will teach your child about what to eat.
  • Make a daily checklist that shows how many servings from […]
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What is the difference between “light” tuna and “white” tuna?

I’m confused…I thought “tuna” was “tuna” but standing at the shelf trying to decide what to buy and it’s just overwhelming!   What is the difference between light tuna and white tuna? Is one better than the other?

The tuna aisle can be confusing!  Most people buy what they always have, but there are some differences in taste, nutrients and how […]

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