Handouts & Educational Material

People cutting produce and assembling a salad

Handouts & Educational Material

Our handouts and educational pieces will help you teach your clients about the health benefits of seafood, how easy it is to include seafood in their meals 2 – 3 times a week and have tricks and tips you can use in your education programs. We are constantly updating and adding new materials so check back often!

  • The Power of Seafood

    The Power of Seafood

    Adding seafood to your diet is a great step to take to improve your health.  Here’s an infographic from the National Fisheries Institute that reviews the important health benefits of seafood.

    Download The Power of Seafood

  • Tuna 101

    Tuna 101

    There are many different species of tuna, but only a few of them will find their way into a shelf-stable pouch or can. Here's a little information about the types of tuna you’ll find in the supermarket.

    Download Tuna 101

  • Tear.Eat.Chicken!?


    That’s right! Chicken! StarKist® is excited to introduce Chicken Creations®, a delicious new kind of on-the-go protein to help you fuel your busy lifestyle.

    Download Tear.Eat.Chicken!?

  • Salmon 101

    Salmon 101

    Salmon is easy to incorporate into your favorite meals. It pairs beautifully with many different fruits, vegetables and grains, and it can be swapped for other protein. Learn more here!

    Download Salmon 101

  • Make Seafood Simple and Delicious

    Make Seafood Simple and Delicious

    StarKist® tuna and salmon pouches make it easy to eat more seafood and fuel your “Go”.

    Download Make Seafood Simple and Delicious

  • Anatomy of the Pouch

    Anatomy of the Pouch

    From lean protein to Omega-3s, StarKist Tuna and Salmon pouches aren’t just rich in flavor, they’re packed with health benefits in every bite.

    Download Anatomy of the Pouch

  • Seafood & Produce Pairings

    Seafood & Produce Pairings

    A match made in the seven seas. Which produce goes best with our delicious seafood? Find out here.

    Download Seafood & Produce Pairings