About StarKist Co.

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StarKist Co. provides trusted, healthy food products in the United States. An industry innovator, StarKist was the first brand to introduce single-serve pouch products, which include Tuna Creations®, Salmon Creations® and Chicken Creations®. As America’s favorite tuna, StarKist represents a tradition of quality, consumer trust and a commitment to sustainability. StarKist’s charismatic brand icon, Charlie® the Tuna, swam into the hearts of tuna fans in 1961 and remains a fan favorite today. StarKist Co. is a direct wholly owned subsidiary of Dongwon Industries Co., Ltd.

Company History

Our corporate headquarters are located at:
1875 Explorer Street, 10th Floor
Reston, Virginia 20190

Our facility locations include:
Pago Pago, American Samoa
Guayaquil, Ecuador

StarKist’s Parent Company, Dongwon Industries


Dongwon Industries was founded in April 1969 to explore the oceans. Since its establishment, the company has led the Korean fisheries industry, spanning the five oceans, and changing customers’ dietary lives with fresh seafood products. Dongwon Industries operates 42 vessels, including the world’s largest purse seine fleet. It delivers high-quality tuna to customers through differentiated processing technology, and is the global leader in sourcing and processing salmon, along with various other seafood products. Dongwon Industries also has a presence in the cold storage service.