Staying Healthy

Seafood is recommended for most people wanting to maintain or improve their heart health.  The American Heart Association and Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend eating at least two servings a week for a healthy heart.  Take a peek at our articles about seafood and heart health to find out more about your heart and start showing your ticker a little love!

Delicious Meal Ideas Using Your Pantry Staples

What a difference a week or two can make! Life has changed in so many ways. We are spending more time at home and in the kitchen. Some of our kids are home, and we are sharing more family meals together. This has made figuring out what to make for dinner every night a challenge and has been the topic of many conversations on social media and in the news.

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10 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a beautiful time of the year.  We gather with family and friends, share meals and make memories.  It’s also a busy time of the year and sometimes hard to find time to take care of ourselves, eat well, continue with our exercise routines and get enough sleep.  Try these 10 tips to stay healthy during the holidays so you have the energy to enjoy all your festivities!

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Lacking Energy? Here are 8 Tips to put a Spring Back in Your Step!

By: Laura Ali, MS, RD, LDN

It’s been a long, dreary winter that zapped energy out of even the best of us!  If you are looking for ways to put a spring back in your step here are 8 tips that will help!

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Fueling Your Winter Activities

The cold weather doesn’t have to mean that you are stuck inside at a gym all the time. Winter is a great time to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors too! Whether it’s a brisk walk on some nearby hiking trails on a sunny day or snowshoeing through a local field or hitting the slopes, there is an abundance of ways you can enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise during the winter. Here are some quick tips for fueling your outdoor adventures this winter!

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De-stress with a Relaxing Fall Getaway

Summer may seem like the perfect time for a weekend getaway, but fall days have cool mornings and clear afternoons that are perfect for a quick escape. Can’t take a whole weekend? No problem, research has shown even short breaks help clear the mind and reduce stress! A Sunday afternoon hike in the woods or day trip to do some leaf peeping and a relaxing picnic lunch can be the perfect way to reinvigorate and destress!

Here are a few tips for planning a perfect picnic and stress-free getaway.

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Smart Snacking Strategies for Little Athletes

By:  Laura Ali, MS, RDN, LDN 

The shrill blare of a ref’s whistle, the “crack” of a baseball bat or the “ping” of a tennis racket – ah, the sounds of spring!  Kid’s activities are great fun and you love the exercise they get, so keeping them energized is important.   Try these tips to give your child that energy boost they need to perform to their max. 

Creative Combos - Complex carbs break down slowly, and when combined with protein, offer an outstanding energy-sustaining snack!

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