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Flip Lunchtime on Its Head

Get creative with your little one’s lunchbox. Follow these tips and they’ll never be bored again.

  • Cut sandwiches into fun shapes. Use a fun cookie cutter to make your child’s favorite animal or shape. Try our fun “Monster Sandwich Wrap” or “Kid’s Panini Sandwich”
  • Use the ingredients in the sandwich to dress it up. Cut the cheese in triangles and make ears, use cucumber rounds to make cheeks or wheels for a car, a grape tomato could be the nose and black olives the eyes!
  • Roll up a tortilla with cheese and a slice of turkey with a little mustard to hold it together. Or take a piece of whole grain bread and cover it with peanut butter and then jelly. Roll it tightly. Slice it into bite size pieces and you’ll have kid friendly “sushi” rolls.
  • Add an encouraging note from Mom and Dad that will energize them for the rest of the day.
  • Occasionally include a special treat (if allowed by your school). Just a little chocolate kiss will put a smile on their face!