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After School Snack Time

Little tummies sometimes can’t fit all the nutrients they need in three meals. These healthy snacks can help make up for what they are missing.

  • Make your own trail mix or granola and add a small bag for a quick snack between school and homework. Make a batch on Sunday, pack it in an airtight jar and it will last all week.
  • Make some bite size fruit snacks or fun tuna bites for quick and easy snacks to keep them energized for homework or playtime. Have them on a plate in the refrigerator so they can grab them when they get home.
  • Remember “ants on a log”? There are other fun things you can do with fruits and vegetables to help entice kids to eat them. Make fun creatures, cut them into fun shapes, spread them with peanut butter, flavored tuna or dip them in yogurt.
  • Make English muffin pizzas for a snack – set out the ingredients and let your children make their own.
  • Kids love to dip things. Make a yogurt dip for fresh fruit or a hummus or ranch dip for fresh vegetables for an afternoon snack.
  • Cut cheese slices in fun shapes to serve with crackers or place a cheese cube on the end of a pretzel stick for an easy bite size snack.