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Keep your kids healthy (and happy)

Find fun games and activities and get your kid excited about eating healthy.

  • Print off fun activity sheets and games to teach your child about nutrition – My Plate has fun crossword puzzles, word searches and mazes that will teach your child about what to eat.
  • Make a daily checklist that shows how many servings from each food group your child needs a day. Let them mark them off as they go through the day and keep score. Encourage them to reach for foods they are low on for their snacks.
  • Encourage them to eat 3 – 4 different colored fruits or vegetables a day. Make it a game by having a wheel of colored fruits and vegetables and see who can fill it in with all the colors by the end of the week.
  • Get your kids involved in planning meals and shopping. For example, give them a variety of vegetables to choose from for dinner and let them choose which one they would like on one or two nights. You still control the choices, but they feel like they are making the choice and will be more likely to eat it.
  • Take your children grocery shopping with you but make it fun by giving them a list of new foods to find and let them choose one to try. For younger children see if they can find 5 different colored vegetables as you go through the store.
  • Plant a garden or take them with you to a farmers market so they can start to learn where food comes from.