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Starkist® ‘Heats Up’ With New Starkist Creations Microwavables™

Microwave-Safe Pouch Gives Consumers the Chance to “Tear. Heat. Go.”

PITTSBURGH (April 6, 2020) – StarKist Co. has announced its newest innovation, StarKist Creations Microwavables, the first shelf-stable seasoned tuna with vegetables and grains in a microwave-safe pouch. New StarKist Creations Microwavablesare available in four delicious varieties, including BOLD Spicy Rice and Beans, Tomato Basil, Latin Citrus and Thai Green Curry, and are ready to enjoy unheated or heated for 30 seconds—perfect for consumers who are always on the go.


“Today’s consumer seeks a balance between health and convenience when considering food purchases—both are extremely important. We kept this in mind when creating a microwavable product that is high-quality, and it helps shift the ‘unhealthiness’ stigma that has been pervasive in the past,” said Andy Mecs, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation, StarKist Co. “StarKist Creations Microwavables™ provide busy consumers with a solution that is a good source of lean protein, combining wild caught tuna, vegetables, and grains like quinoa, barley, and brown rice.  They taste great and can be enjoyed heated or at room temperature for lunch, dinner, or a healthy snack.  It’s easy to just Tear. Heat. Go.”

StarKist® Creations Microwavables are currently available on Amazon, with Microwavables BOLD Spicy Rice & Beans ranking #1 in New Releases within Packaged Tuna Fish. All four varieties will be available at select retailers nationwide this summer. The product will retail for $2.29 - $2.49 per pouch.

The new line of StarKist Creations Microwavables features four flavor varieties including:

  • Microwavables: BOLD Tuna Spicy Rice & Beans: Wild Caught tuna with hot sauce, lime juice, brown rice, black beans and corn for a fiesta of flavor, with 10g of protein and 160 calories.
  • Microwavables: Tuna Tomato Basil: Wild Caught tuna with aromatic garlic, rich extra virgin olive oil and delightful black olives are the finishing touches to this magnifico Tuscan masterpiece. With 12g of lean protein and only 170 calories, just tear, heat and go! TM
  • Microwavables: Tuna Latin Citrus:  Wild Caught tuna with zesty jalapeños, refreshing lime, quinoa, white beans and vegetables headline our Latin Citrus Tuna, with 11g of protein and only 160 calories.
  • Microwavables: Tuna Thai Green CurryWild Caught tuna with a perfect pairing of green chili, coconut milk, rice and lemongrass, to deliver sweet and spicy flavor with 10g of protein and only 160 calories.

The launch of Creations Microwavables will be supported with a fully integrated marketing campaign, which includes a TV commercial, print ads, digital media, influencer outreach, social media promotions and couponing.

Visit to learn more about the brand, its products and to explore StarKist developed recipes.

About StarKist Co.
StarKist Co. provides trusted, healthy, food products in the United States. An industry innovator, StarKist was the first brand to introduce StarKist single-serve pouch products, which include Tuna Creations®, Salmon Creations® and Chicken Creations®. As America's favorite tuna, StarKist represents a tradition of quality, consumer trust and a commitment to sustainability. StarKist's charismatic brand icon, Charlie® the Tuna, swam into the hearts of tuna fans in 1961 and is still a fan favorite today. StarKist Co. is a direct wholly owned subsidiary of Dongwon Industries Co., Ltd.

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