Tuna Croquettes

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Created by: katrina99

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Prep Time:

12 minutes

Cook Time:

5 minutes



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2 tablespoons butter 
1/4 cup all purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper 
1 cup milk
2 cans (7 ounces each) Starkist tuna in water, drained
2 tablespoons chopped green pepper

2 tablespoons chopped onion

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
fine dry bread crumbs
1 egg, lightly beaten 
2 tablespoons water
oil for deep frying


  1. In medium saucepan, melt butter. Add flour, salt and pepper, mix well
  2. Gradually add milk and cook until thick, stirring constantly
  3. Stir in tuna, green pepper, onion and lemon juice, mix well
  4. Shape mixture into 8 croquettes, roll in crumbs, dip into slightly beaten egg mixed with water and roll again in crumbs
  5. Fry in small batches in deep fat at about 370° for about 5 minutes Croquettes should be golden brown
  6. Transfer tuna croquettes to paper towels to drain

Reviews (5)

Posted by: latinchic1027
Date Posted: 08-04-2012

what i would suggest is not putting any water to the mixture, after you have the tuna drained put in a bowl, add the onion, bell pepper, and spices, 1-2 eggs, some flour probably 2 spoon fulls and bread crumbs, or crumbled crackers. The mixtures should be some what dry but no to dry as to it falls apart so if it looks to dry add another egg if you just added one. in a sauce pan add butter or oil which ever you prefer to fry with and scoop out lil spoonfulls, let it cook for a few minutes on one side then turn it over!

p.s. if u are draining the tuna of the water why would u add water back???? like the recipe says?? don't do it!

P.s. I would also omit the lemon juice unless you want to add a lil bit instead of the second egg so it want be so dry.

the mixture should stick to your spoon but no be very dry!

Posted by: Phanes
Date Posted: 03-01-2012

First, the preview did not render paragraphs properly, so I used a couple of HTML tags to force it to put blank lines between my paragraphs. It worked on the preview, but I don't know how it'll save:

This is a very strange recipe for tuna croquettes. I don't follow a specific recipe when I make croquettes; I put things together until it feels right. But I would not heat the mixture before frying. Here's what I do:

I use about 3/4 inches of peanut oil (or whatever you like) in a deep skillet. I set the heat between medium low and medium so it can heat up while I combine the croquette mixture.

I use two 12oz cans of Starkist Solid White Albacore in spring water. I completely remove the top of the can with a can opener, and then using the lid as a piston, I turn the can upside down and squeeze all the water out that I can. The cats love to drink the tuna juice.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, which I use because I don't like getting my hands in it, I put two eggs and beat them about 15 seconds. I then add the tuna, 1/2 cup of green onion, 3/4 teaspoons of salt, 3/4 tsp of pepper, 1 tbsp parsley, 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, 2/3 cup flour. Mix just until the mixture gets sticky. Mixing too long will make the tuna mushy.

Empty the panko bread crumbs into a glass pie plate or a similar-sized dish.

Using a spoon, gather up some tuna mixture into a lump about halfway between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball. You don't want it too large or it'll be hard to turn over without making a big splash of grease over the side of the skillet.

Drop the lump of tuna into the panko crumbs. Pick up some of the crumbs and dump them on top of the lump. Flatten the lump between your hands by squeezing between your palms to get some of the moisture from inside the lump to the bread crumb layer. Keep packing on bread crumbs until no more will stick. Toss the croquette gently from one hand to the other to allow any loose crumbs to fall away.

Hopefully, by now your oil is hot enough to use for frying.

When your oil is hot enough (test it by dropping a bread crumb into the oil to see if it has a healthy sizzle), place the croquette into the oil. Fry it on each side for about three or four minutes, or until you get a nice, browned color. You could just fry one test croquette to make sure you don't need to add more salt or something else you might like to add, like garlic. If not, just keep making croquettes, coating, and frying until all the mixture is gone. How's that for pointing out the obvious?

When they're nice and brown, drain on paper towels, or a cooling rack with layers of paper towels underneath.

Depending on the size of your croquettes, you could make about a dozen. I don't know how many servings that is.

Posted by: RickyRo
Date Posted: 04-17-2011

Let's try it!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: stitches77
Date Posted: 03-10-2011

I have tried this recipe 2x now and both times it has turned into a soupy mess. Can someone please review it and see if it needs tweeking? Mine is very soupy and too hot to even touch to make croquettes... did I miss something??

Posted by: wonderweb77
Date Posted: 11-03-2010

I was very disappointed with this recipe. It turned into a hot sticky mess! Could someone please leave some more details-- I would really like to try it again, but I don't want to waste the money.