Chunk Light Tuna in Oil

The best selling tuna in the United States‡, StarKist® Chunk Light Canned Tuna is carefully packed and cooked to preserve the naturally mild, trusted tuna  flavor people have come to expect from StarKist. Our Chunk Light Tuna in Oil is packed in soybean oil for a mild flavor for those who prefer tuna packed in oil instead of water.

Refreshing in cool tuna salads and hot casseroles

  • Available in 5oz. and 12oz. cans 
  • Also available in water 3oz., 5oz. and 12oz. cans


Our 12oz. can is now available with a special edition Made In America label. Look for the Made In America 12oz. product at your local retailer.

‡America's Favorite Tuna... AC Nielsen Total Tuna Category Sales, Latest 52 Weeks

Nutritional Benefits

  • Good source of protein*
  • Natural Omega-3's*

* Tuna is a naturally high protein food. 

Our Omega-3 values vary: 

Our 5 oz Chunk Light Tuna in Oil contains 110 mg of EPA and DHA Omega-3's per serving 

Our 12 oz Chunk Light Tuna in Oil contains 80mg of EPA and DHA Omeg-3's per serving. 

Nutrition Facts