Management Team

Andrew Choe - President & Chief Executive OfficerAndrew Choe
President & Chief Executive Officer
StarKist Co.

Andrew Choe joined StarKist in 2010. Prior to being named President and CEO, he held the position of Senior Vice President of Supply Chain as well as the Director of Strategic Planning and Development. Mr. Choe has been recognized for his passion and proven ability to manage and significantly increase StarKist’s performance, further strengthening its position as the category leader. Prior to StarKist, Choe held leadership positions at Dongwon Enterprise and Phillip Morris International.

Mr. Choe holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Psychology and Economics-International from University of California. He achieved his Masters of Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Operations Management from Yale School of Management. Choe resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife.

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Senior Vice President, Sales
Namjung Kim, Chief Operating Officer
Hyung Joo Kim, Senior Vice President, Finance
Sam Hwi Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer