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Meet the StarKist Management Team

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Sam Hwi Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer 

Sam Hwi Lee was named President and Chief Executive Officer of StarKist Co.  Additionally, he serves on the StarKist Board of Directors.  With a Ph.D in food science from University of Wisonsin and additional educational experience in business, Lee has more than 30 years of deep expertise in the  consumer packaged goods food industry. He has held myriad leadership positions among some of the largest and highly recognized global food manufacturers, including Dole Food Company, Nestle USA and Nestle Korea - of which he held the President position.  Lee has managed and significantly increased the business of some of the world's most highly respected household names, including Taster's Choice Coffee, Nestle Hot Chocolate and Kit Kat, to name a few.  Previous positions include several positions spanning an impressive 25-year career with Nestle, such as President of Nutrition Division at Nestle USA, Inc. and President of Nestle Korea, Inc.  Lee will be based in Pittsburgh at the StarKist headquarters.


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Namjung Kim, Chief Operating Officer

Namjung Kim is Chief Operating Officer at StarKist Co. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Korea University, located in Seoul, South Korea. His lasting relationship with the tuna industry took off in 1996 at the Dongwon F&B tuna plant in Changwon.  He became Product Manager of the sea laver category in 1999. Namjung went on to receive his MBA from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business in 2003. 

Namjung returned to Dongwon F&B in 2004 to work as Marketing Strategy Manager until 2006. He continued to diversify his business acumen by leading the Finance & Planning Department of Dongwon Industries Co. In 2008, he advanced as the head of the Finance & Planning Department at Dongwon Systems, whose business portfolio includes food packaging, communications devices and construction. The following year he was promoted to Vice President of its construction arm, further expanding his business spectrum.  Immediately before joining StarKist, he served as Executive Vice President at Dongwon Enterprise since 2011, the holding company of the Dongwon conglomerate.  In 2012, Namjung joined StarKist Co. as Chief Operating Officer.


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Senior Vice President, Sales
Namjung Kim, Chief Operating Officer
Hyung Joo Kim, Senior Vice President, Finance
Sam Hwi Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer